Asset Based Lending

Satchi Asset-Based Lending is the secured lending division of Satchi Holdings Plc.

Our recently listed bond on the Vienna Stock Exchange is ISA, SIPP and SSAS qualifying.

The Company’s primary objective is to provide loan capital to UK companies secured against its assets by debenture or other legal charge.

All loans are provided on an asset-backed, secured basis, with a strict minimum of 125% Asset to Debt ratio.

Capital security is paramount to our business model and our investors.

We are keen to help UK business flourish. If you are UK business owner and would like to apply for a capital loan please ‘click here’ and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Property Asset Management

Satchi Property Asset Management is the Property division of Satchi Holdings Plc.

The Company purchases suitable units for use within Private Sector Leasing (PSL) and leases them to Local Authorities and Government Organisations on long term (10 year) lease contracts with rent paid quarterly in advance and increasing annually in line with Limited Price indexation (LPI).

Satchi Property Asset Management is currently offering Family Offices and appropriately qualified Private Investors the opportunity to purchase a Corporate Bond with three investment options.

If you require further information on Satchi Property Asset Management please register below.

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